She writes her poems and the burns them / in the fireplace in her home

She stays up late just to write them / so she doesn’t feel alone

The words she never deciphers / as they pour out from her hand

She needs to know she can write them / but she cant quite understand

What they try to tell her / or why she even cares

So she rips them up and then burns them / while she cries and waits and stares

She starts her day with some coffee / and then pours it down the drain


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Saw My Shadow

I saw my shadow fall across the background of the park / I guess its

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I always thought that you would be the one for me / but now I’m finding out that I was wrong
Stuck around this prison cell and thought that I was free / but now I feel I’ve stayed for way too long

Its been the coldest winter that I’ve ever seen / But I know somewhere the grass is green

Keep asking for more, your life is rich but your soul is poor / and I don’t think you’re wise enough to know
That you started this war, so count to ten and I’m out that door / and you’ll regret you ever made me go

Spent my time just kicking round and standing by the gate / waiting for someone to let me go
Got lazy, sat around, and chalked it up to fate / got caught up in the ebb and flow

But now the ocean waves don’t carry me no

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Bridge Made of Walls

Well it seems that grace while in defeat / finds every way to greet the vultures at your door
And they come in a convincing disguise / but you can tell by the eyes what they really came there for

How’d you think I

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couldn’t tell that when you wish me well / you try to make me feel small
Well I assure you I know that when you reach out to me / The only reasons to see how far I can ...

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Beautiful Monsters

I’m not sure I understand the purpose of a man
When the future is shades of grey some people just lose their way
What beautiful monsters they make when the world chose to pass them by
And they’re painting their dreams while awake, but something still feels quite awry

I’m not sure I see a way to show just who we are
When there’s millions out every day all trying to be a star
What beautiful monsters they make when they only get halfway there
And they run out of pills to take and those dreams disappear in thin air

Yes, its sad but true / All those people just like you
Crawl around the earth with faded eyes

I’m not sure I think its true

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Another Place

Imagine living other lives while you’re asleep / Conquering the world while you are really counting sheep
And waking up in bed one day to find that its all wrong / The same old walls around you when you thought you moved along

Another minute, another hour just slips away / This morning feels an awful lot like yesterday
And yesterday’s the house I’m in, I’ve lived there all my life / I swear I had a house out west, I swear you were my wife

Another place, I’ve seen your face / A vision in my mind
What meets my eyes when I wake and rise / A world I left behind

I have a thousand friends that really aren’t afraid / I stand a witness

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I dare you to stand alone / and watch all your chances blown
When you insist to live but never grow
And every time you say you’re missing me / I have to question your sanity
When you refuse to change the status quo

You shrug it off while i’m left grasping at the straws / My life a shield you use to insulate you from your flaws
There are times

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Discipline Blues

I’m told that I’m bad with my money / so I’m watching on how much I spend
I’m only buying whats needed / and figured I’d save in the end
But now I’m finding it funny / as I live off the kindness of friends
I haven’t really conceded / just shrug off the bills that they send
As long as there’s still more money they’ll lend

Spent ’bout the last year just drinking / but that tapered off as of

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I gave into others’ persuasion / Decided to buy a clean slat...

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Sarah (Black & White)

Sarah, who are you? / Staring black and white behind a frame
1902 / Yellowed paper bears your name

The bow you wear / though it blends in with the group, like most
Somehow you don’t / it looks like you have seen a ghost

No one ever really stands the test of time / but I swear it looks like you saw mine
Those eyes like candles keep on burning in my mind

Sarah, where are you? / A hundred years and fates you could befall
Still you remain ageless on this chapel wall

But looking at your picture doesn’t tell me much / about how many lives you touched
For all I know you could have died that very day

I find it strange / walking through the halls where you belong
You’ll never know that I ever wrote this song

And Sarah, did you think that picture meant a lot / or was it something you forgot
Our live...

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Ant Farm

Joshua tries to sleep but thinks now of his project

A little box he keeps up on one of his shelves

Smiling now, he drops some food into the object

He likes to think that they can help themselves

They never try to justify the hunger pangs / but look

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into the sky

If Josh can’t feed them then they die

Day by day they work away building their castle

Finally Josh can show them off to his class

Afterwards, decides they aren’t worth all the hassle

They get to meet the...

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